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Welcome to our website. Thank you for visiting with us today, we hope you enjoy your travels as you visit each page. You will find some of our experiences, such as travels through out the U.S. , where we go to learn, teach and judge shows. You will also visit our information page about our studio and shop where we teach and sell supplies. Don't forget to visit our album of the many wood carvings available. We hope you enjoy your trip through our carving world. 
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Danny Reb and Wanda Reichert.

We are a recipient of the Texas Carvers Guild of the Charles "C" Max Winstead Award 2007, highest honer by the TWG can bestow on an individual or couple, found in Chip Chats.

We are always looking for others who want to enjoy the art of woodcarving by offering classes at our studio during the week. 

Want to Learn How to Carve?

      Call (903) 532-5551 for details.

Danny and Wanda are around the state at different shows around different seasons.  They also available to travel to do seminars. 

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Danny "Reb" and Wanda Reichert

516 Ponderosa Drive

Sherman, Texas 75090 
(903) 532-5551


Danny Reb and Wanda Reichert were Recipients of the "C Max Winstead Memorial Award, 2007.

What is the "C Mac Winstead Memorial Award??
 Charlie Winstead was the first charter Member of Texas Woodcarvers Guild. He deserved this honor because he developed the concept for the TWG. The guiding principles of our organization are based on Charley's ideas. He was completely open and giving of his time, talents and friendship to helping others learn the art of woodcarving. Charlie died at an early age of 48, in 1987, during open heart surgery.

 Since 1989 each year the TWG President presents this award to person or persons who have continued promoting the art of woodcarving by volunteering their time, talents and friendship helping others. As we look at the list of names receiving this award each year, we were in awe to be listed among them. 

Danny Reb served as hostess for over 22 years, serving over 700 cups of coffee and 18 dozen doughnuts  each of the six days of the week long spring and fall meetings of TWG. Wanda served as membership chairperson  for nine years, putting together a booklet and membership card to send each new member, also having a committee of five persons to send welcome letters to these new members.
Today she still sends out welcome letters and continue to support this committee.
They both served as security, by staying in the buildings at night, protecting the
carvers tools, carvings and supplies.

Texas Woodcarvers Guild motto is Fun Fellowship and Education