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Welcome to the woodcarving world of Wand Rushing Reichert.  Take a journey through the 20 plus years of her teaching, judging and sharing the art of Wood carving. 

I have enjoyed my artistic journey as it began in high school, (many years ago) under the influence of Mrs. Lois Mc Allister.  I began with oil painting, going to acrylics then on to watercolors and the art of woodcarving. 

This woodcarving adventure began in 1990 as I attended a carving gathering with Texas Woodcarving Guild. I had reluctantly gone with hubby, Danny Reb to  learn how to paint his carvings.  Jack Price was then president of TWG and asked who had never carved, me and eight other people raised our hands.  Jack told us to get a knife and a dime and everyone of us to put the dime in a cup.  Then he gave us a yellow pencil and told us to carve something on it.  Wow what have I got myself into but I got a knife from Danny and carved a flower on the pencil, called it my Texas Wildflower and I won 1st place----I got the nine dimes.  I was hooked on carving and now many years later still hooked.   As you see I enjoy sharing the art of woodcarving.  We have a great time in our seminars, 

I always seem to get the best students, what a joy... 

DANNY REB is sometimes known as Mr Sharp.  Got a dull tool?  He can sharpen it.   In our experience of carving a sharp tool is the answer to clean carving cuts.   Danny Reb began his carving in 1988,  he saw some woodcarvers at a arts fest he attended with Wanda.  They gave him a bird to carve, well that didn't go very well because it still isn't finished. So a friend,  Rod Naquin, gave him a boot and started him on the road to the art of woodcarving.  So as of today when Danny Reb teaches someone to carve he uses the boot blank as the first lesson.  Did you know a boot has the five basic woodcarving cuts in carving it.  He has taught many Boy Scouts to carve helping them receive the wood badge.  Over the years he has taught many students in his small studio, who have gone on the be very professional as they continue in the carving journey.  He studied for twelve years under the German  Master Ludwig Kingler, where he learned the European and religious carving technique.  He enjoys carving with mallet and large tools. He has studied the Scandinavian Flat plane carving and teaches that at seminars across the areas. So get a sharp knife and join in or if need bring that dull one and he will sharpen it.

Danny Reb and Wanda Reichert have been supporters of the Texas Woodcarving Guild since the late 1980's where Danny served as Host, serving coffee and donuts. They also were the night security for many years at the two annual meetings. Making sure all of the members supplies and tools were safe. Wanda has been a member of the TWG Membership Committee since 1993 and served as Chairman for nine years. She was instrumental in writing a booklet to send to each new member along with a membership card. Her committee also wrote personal welcome letters to the new members.
Today she still writes welcome letters to new members.

They are both members of the:
Texas Woodcarvers Guild
Texoma Woodcarvers (their home guild)
North Texas Woodcarvers
Eastern Oklahoma Guild
Mustang Draw Woodcarvers
National Woodcarvers